More than 40 needy Kiwi families have moved into new homes in time for Christmas
Forty-three families - who had been on the housing emergency waiting list - will enjoy the gift of a rental home roof over their heads this festive season thanks to the Community Housing Trust.All up, 72 people have been able to... More
Apartment living success secrets
Many Kiwis love the apartment life — but the smaller the home, however, the bigger the questions buyers must ask. Some of those questions are tricky. In Auckland the median price for an apartment is $530,000, compared to $900,000... More
Relax right on the beach
When Graham Milne bought this beachfront property there was just a basic sleepout on the land. It was called the old cowshed, acknowledging its original purpose in life."We used to camp in it," he says. "It was originally a cowshed... More
Pilot's Auckland landing delayed
Hong Kong-based Kiwi pilot Jon Moore drew on his North Shore roots when he chose this angular house as an ideal family home.He'd been living and working in Hong Kong for 17 years before deciding in 2013 to bring his wife Julia... More
We audit KiwiBuild: Hammering out the wins and losses after 6 months on the job
KiwiBuild was always a huge call, with its target of 100,000 affordable, high-quality houses in a decade.For a start, given New Zealanders' traditional voting habits, it seems highly unlikely that this Labour-led coalition Government... More
Low rates, calmer market opens doors
As we look back at 2018 we can see it was this year that a corner was turned in the housing market following almost five years of rampant price growth.The market is calmer now, sellers are modifying their price expectations, and... More
Get your ducks in a row
There are two ways to use KiwiSaver towards your first home purchase, the HomeStart grant and the first home withdrawal.You'll need to prove you're a first home buyer (or in the same position as a first home buyer — following a... More
Is Auckland ready for its mega 2021 year?
Experts in trade, tourism, transport, urban design and local government are thrashing out the biggest issues facing the city after today's publication of Project Auckland in the New Zealand Herald. In 2021, Auckland will host the... More
Real estate firm offers buyers $20k sweetener to buy Auckland home
A real estate company is offering $20,000 to potential home-buyers, but the incentive comes with a warning. Trinity Network has put a house on the market with a $20,000 sweetener that benefits not only the buyer but also the vendor,... More
Builder struck off for 10 years after near $250K under-quote for Auckland home
A builder who under-quoted an Auckland house job by nearly $250,000 has been struck off for 10 years, the strongest penalty handed down by the board which disciplined him.Misi Sau Evile, a licensed building practitioner, went before... More
James Hardie loses bid to stop $250m cladding action by home and retirement village owners
A Court of Appeal decision allows more than 1000 owners of New Zealand homes and retirement villages to continue claiming $250 million against James Hardie businesses over problems with their places.A decision out today dismissed... More
'It's dreadful': Auckland real estate agent's unique approach to selling Henderson property
An Auckland real estate agent has dropped the facade and taken a unique approach towards selling a run-down Henderson property.The three-bedroom, one-bathroom house is described as "neglected, run-down ragamuffin needs urgent care".Under... More
Toy firm Zuru takes on global housing market
Toy manufacturing and consumer packaged goods business Zuru plans to disrupt the global housing market with smart, eco-friendly homes for under half current construction prices.Zuru, the business founded by Kiwi siblings Mat, Anna... More
Sydney shock 10.1% house value drop: warning of effect on NZ
Sydney house values have dropped 10.1 per cent since last year, prompting a New Zealand economist to warn of a possible knock-on effect here.Sydney's housing slump reached a new milestone, with values falling further than the late... More
Space wins race over outlook
When you buy an apartment — and don't have the luxury of an uncapped budget — you have to decided whether you prioritise space over views, says apartment owner James Pan. In his case, it was the open plan space of this modern-looking... More
A fix for cross lease hassles
Who needs a cross lease? If you're the owner of a cross-leased property, chances are you'd prefer a fee simple ownership structure.The Property Institute of New Zealand estimates homeowners of cross-leased properties can suffer... More
Luck of the draw in global crisis
In today's real estate market it's easy to forget the slump caused around 2008 by the global financial collapse and the caution about making property moves.Now, 10 years after they bought their house in Matakana on a whim, Mary... More
Right royal link to Tongan crown
Whichever way Alison Wilson and her partner Greg Nesbit look at it, family life in their California bungalow overlooking the lush pastures of Tomarata, north Auckland, has been a match made in heaven.They found this bush-clad land... More
Aussies told to prepare for 'severe housing collapse'
Australia's regulators have been warned to prepare "contingency plans for a severe collapse in the housing market" that could lead to a "crisis situation" in one or more financial institutions.The Organisation for Economic Co-operation... More
KiwiBuild boss Stephen Barclay in employment dispute with Housing Ministry
KiwiBuild boss Stephen Barclay is in an employment dispute with the Government department overseeing the massive house construction scheme, the Herald understands. Amidst growing calls for Housing Minister Phil Twyford to say... More